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Hi dears,
this article is especially written for foreigners living in United Kingdom. I'm gonna go there for a summer job on 30th June and I'd like to know some people living in London who would be able to help me discover this amazing city and help me to fit in. I'll work like an au-pair in an English family of two doctors and one 3,5 years aged little girl, Nora. It will be my first experience with traveling abroad on my own. You know, I'm scared of big airports, a lot of people around me, using foreign language etc. I don't know anybody in England so I'd be really glad if I could find someone to be friends, help each other and have fun.
Please let me know if you like that.


Many kisses :*



  1. hi andie, im terrie. i think you have a very lovey cause for starting this blog and i hope it all goes great. im already following wud you like to follow back.
    love terrie

  2. Na to, že anglitinu co se týče překladu moc nepobírám, tohle jsem pobrala skvěle!:))
    Skvělej článek:)

  3. Jak hrozně bych se chtěla do Londýna podívat!<3



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