Times are changing, we remain

Good morning to everyone, guys :),

How r u doing all the time? For your special wish I decided to make some of my articles in English for your better translate. Isn't it great? (Yep, I think so :))
You could see that my habits have changed and now I underwent some changes, I think really breakthrough changes.

I became vegan. Yes, vegan. A really nice word in this world but not everybody really knows what does it mean exactly. Not only refuse to eat meat, but refusing eating all animal products. I didn't know, that I was hurting a cow when I drunk milk or harming hens when I was making my egg omeletes as well. But I really did. And am not proud of this. Let me open your eyes, please check this english video lecture with one of the most important person in the US, who is real vegan and fighting for animal liberty, Gary Yourowsky. There's some czech subtitles as well, but don't worry, you don't have to learn our difficult language. :)

After seeing this video you must feel guiltily, right?! Let's start with hopeful and peaceful life. Go vegan! :) It's never been so easy like today. 
Do you know anybody abroad who is vegan and is having blog? Let me check, please. I will look forward for a link.
What's new in your life? Let me guess...new closet? :)


  1. až bude víc času, tak si video určitě pustím :) jinak já nový šatník nemám :D



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