What makes you beautiful (foreign readers)

Hello my fellas,

I'd just like to say hello to each of you after so long time. It's been at least seven days when I recently wrote to you. And what's the reason? I'd like to share with you what veganism is able to do with yourself...including your body, your mind and your soul. I'm gonna share those amazing feelings. Keep reading :)

It's only month and some days extra when I decide to change my life and my opinions and I would never change it, trust me. Today I woke up around 5 o'clock, had my daily breakfast - pineapple and power balls (oats, dates and everything healthy and pure) and a cup of my favourite Belgian pralinese flavoured coffee and, I have to admit, one cigarette like I do every morning. I was wondering what would be the best to write for today's article..I had to add some photos from we♥it, 'cause I simply love this website..it's full of inspiration and nice pics.

MY skin is so pure

Yes, would you ever say that only your food choice can change your skin purity, erase blackspots, make your face so soft..? Yes it really can! I can't believe it.

Change of thinking

It's great...having that felling when you wake up that every single day is a precious present and we've just got 24 hours extra to enjoy our life. And what's my best "alarm clock"? - my dog's kisses

174 | Desayunos veganos {365} Vegan breakfasts

More energy

Maybe you're still thinking that changing your food and upgrading it on healthy can steal your energy, but thats the biggest false I've ever seen. It's the opposite.

Feeling more love from all animals

My lovely dog wakes me up every morning with lots of kisses and gives me a paw. Before we weren't in love together so much and now I can feel that I did something for him as well. I changed a little bit his food and caring about him more and taking care about my two cats as well. When you're like the shining star, the animals can see it too. You're happy = your pets are happy!

Upgrading family's menu

Many people think the vegan food is boring and only green and too much healthy, BUT there's never anything what is too-much-healthy. I can show you vegan food can be really delicious, rich in nutrition (yes, in proteins as well) and amazing. I've tried several times to cook for my family and each of them loved it and wanted that recipe. Especially sweets..

Were you ever imagining living like this? Try it, I wish you to feel the same! Live peacefully



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  2. Hello from Spain: thanks for your advice and recommendations. Keep in touch

  3. Thank you very much for the cute comment on my blog ! ♥ Your blog is so gorgeous ! :)
    Lisa ♥

  4. Great post! I like waking up with doggie kisses too :D



  5. I loved this post so much! :)


  6. Andie ty sis mě vymazala na FB ? že už tě tam nevidím :(

    1. Nee, Marťo. Vždyť tě v přátelích pořád mám. :)

  7. nice blog dear! :)
    maybe we will follow each other? let me know :) (on fb too if you have)

  8. I'm so glad to hear that going vegan did so many positive things for you and definitely lots of beauty and health benefits. :) I was actually planning to do a 30 days vegan detox, I hope it goes well for me! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

  9. Great to hear that veganism does so many good things for you! You have a lovely blog, maybe we can follow each other?! Following you now with Bloglovin :)

  10. I love animals and I don't want to eat them..

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